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We proudly feature Sensit Technologies complete line of gas detectors.

Sensit gas detectors offer:

Lowest true cost of ownership
5 year warranty on select models
Free trial units available. Please Call for Details

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• Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector
• Exclusively from FireCraft® Safety Products
• Pinpoints Direction of Downed Lines
• Detects Power in Unused Outlets
• Audio and Visual Signals
• Easy ON-OFF Operation
• Sturdy Storage Case
• DieHard Battery
• Pocket Size
• MADE IN THE U.S.A. – Patent Pending

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The first and only work/extrication glove to combine the Porelle® Liquid Penetration Protection with the Spectra® Level-4 Cut Resistance.

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Superior Design provides Exceptional Palm & Fingertip Dexterity and Reduces Hand Fatigue. Kevlar® Lining for Flame Resistance and Level-3 Cut & Puncture Protection.

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We took the best features of the top-selling extrication gloves and improved them to arrive at a superior design.

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A Level of Protection not available with any other current fire glove! Available in Gauntlet and Knit Wristlet styles.

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FireCraft® Safety Products is a master distributor providing first responder fire safety products to dealers throughout the world. Located in Columbus, Ohio, United States, our product offerings for firefighters and other emergency responders include:

Fire Gloves
Extrication Gloves
Work Gloves
A/C Detectors
Voltage Detectors
Gas Detectors
A/C Current Detectors
Calibration Kits

Gear Bags
Fire Hoods
Air Mask Bags
Warning Lights

Landing Lights

In the News
Portable Gas Detectors
Personal Gas Detectors
 • Sensit P100
 • Sensit P400

Multiple Gas Detectors
 • Sensit Gold G2
 • Sensit Gold Series
 • Sensit TKX
 • Sensit HXG Series
 • Gas-Trac NGX

Sensit Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

Calibration Kits

Specialty Products
Extrication Gloves
 • Work Glove FX-52
 • Work Glove FX-80
 • Work Glove FX-90

Fire Gloves

 • Wildlands Glove FC-77RW

Structural Fire Gloves

 • Fire Glove FC-P100
 • Fire Glove FC-P100W

Infrared Thermometers

 • Metris TN418LD
 • Metris TN418L1
 • Metris TN40ALC
 • Metris IRT424-2L
 • Metris TN425LE
Warning Lights
 • Hand-Held Warning Lights
 • Magnetic Lights
 • Warning Lights
 • Warning Light Storage Bags

Current Detectors
A/C Detectors

trACer A/C Voltage Detector

Fire Power Safety Products

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