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We proudly feature Sensit Technologies complete line of gas detectors.

Sensit gas detectors offer:

Lowest true cost of ownership
5 year warranty on select models
Free trial units available. Please Call for Details

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• Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector
• Exclusively from FireCraft® Safety Products
• Pinpoints Direction of Downed Lines
• Detects Power in Unused Outlets
• Audio and Visual Signals
• Easy ON-OFF Operation
• Sturdy Storage Case
• DieHard Battery
• Pocket Size
• MADE IN THE U.S.A. – Patent Pending

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The first and only work/extrication glove to combine the Porelle® Liquid Penetration Protection with the Spectra® Level-4 Cut Resistance.

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Superior Design provides Exceptional Palm & Fingertip Dexterity and Reduces Hand Fatigue. Kevlar® Lining for Flame Resistance and Level-3 Cut & Puncture Protection.

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We took the best features of the top-selling extrication gloves and improved them to arrive at a superior design.

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A Level of Protection not available with any other current fire glove! Available in Gauntlet and Knit Wristlet styles.

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FireCraft® Safety Products is a master distributor providing first responder fire safety products to dealers throughout the world. Originally incorporated in 1993 as Hansen Enterprises, we continue the tradition of providing high quality fire safety products for fire fighters and other emergency responders. We offer competitive pricing on:

Fire Gloves
Extrication Gloves
Work Gloves
A/C Detectors
Voltage Detectors
Gas Detectors
Calibration Kits
Gear Bags
Fire Hoods
Air Mask Bags
Warning Lights
Landing Lights

In the News
Portable Gas Detectors
Personal Gas Detectors
 • Sensit P100
 • Sensit P400

Multiple Gas Detectors
 • Sensit Gold G2
 • Sensit Gold Series
 • Sensit TKX
 • Sensit HXG Series
 • Gas-Trac NGX

Sensit Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

Calibration Kits

Specialty Products
 • Frisbuoy™ Rescue Disc
Extrication Gloves
 • Work Glove FX-52
 • Work Glove FX-80
 • Work Glove FX-90

Fire Gloves

 • Wildlands Glove FC-77RW

Structural Fire Gloves

 • Fire Glove FC-P100
 • Fire Glove FC-P100W

Infrared Thermometers

 • Metris TN418LD
 • Metris TN418L1
 • Metris TN40ALC
 • Metris IRT424-2L
 • Metris TN425LE
Warning Lights
 • Hand-Held Warning Lights
 • Magnetic Lights
 • Warning Lights
 • Warning Light Storage Bags

Current Detectors
A/C Detectors

trACer A/C Voltage Detector

Fire Power Safety Products

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