fire gloves

Firecraft Phoenix Structural Glove

The Phoenix structural fire glove offers these distinct features:
• Rapid drying leather
• Remarkable dexterity
• Enhanced safety
• Long-Lasting protection
• Lifetime Warranty
Better fit by design. Try one on. We think you'll see the difference!

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SENSIT Gas Detector TRY IT Program
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FireCraft® trACer™
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FireCraft® Safety Products
FireCraft® Safety Products is a master distributor providing first responder fire safety products
to dealers throughout the world. Located in Columbus, Ohio, United States, our product offerings
for firefighters and other emergency responders include:

Fire Gloves
Extrication Gloves
Work Gloves
Structural Gloves
Voltage Detectors
Gas Detectors
AC Current Detectors Calibration Kits
Gear Bags
Fire Hoods

Air Mask Bags
Warning Lights
Landing Lights
A/C Detectors

Portable Gas Detectors
Personal Gas Detectors

Sensit P100
Sensit P400

Multiple Gas Detectors
Sensit Gold G2
Sensit Gold Series
Sensit TKX
Sensit HXG Series
Sensit Carbon Monoxide AnalyzerCalibration Kits 

Infrared Thermometers
Metris TN418LD
Metris TN418L1
Metris IRT424-2L
Metris TN425LE
Metris IR100-2
Firefighter Hoods
NFPA Hoods

Nomex Fire Hood
Carbon Fire Hood
Nomex Blend Fire Hood
P84 Fire Hood
PBI Fire Hood

Fire Gear Bags
Jumbo Fire Gear Bag
Maltese Cross Fire Gear Bag
Step In Fire Gear Bag
Star of Life Fire Gear Bag
Air Mask Bags
Fire Extinguisher Bag

Extrication Gloves
Work Glove FX-52
Work Glove FX-54
Work Glove FX-80
Work Glove FX-90
Work Glove FX-90FR

Fire Gloves
Wildlands Glove FC-77RW

Structural Fire Gloves
Fire Glove FC-P5000
Fire Glove FC-P5000W
Fire Glove Straps

Warning Lights
Hand-Held Warning Lights
Magnetic Lights
Warning Lights
Warning Light Storage Bags

Current Detectors
A/C Detectors

trACer AC Voltage Detector

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