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Extrication Work Gloves

Extrication work requires special gloves.

We offer three waterproof & 2 non-waterproof glove styles in addition to work gloves for extrication activities.

Cut level references Test Standard ANSI/ISEA 105-2016, Section 5.1.1 Cut Resistance

Our 3 WATERPROOF Extrication Gloves

All three glove styles feature:

  • Porelle® moisture barrier for liquid protection (waterproof)
  • Spectra® lining for easy on/off and an extra cut level A5 protective layer
  • Sizing availability: XXS through 3XL
  • Comfortable debris cuff

FX-54MB- This glove provides our highest level of protection

The Gladiator

FireCraft FX-54MBFireCraft FX-54MB



  • 360° cut-level A6 protection
  • Two continuous layers of protection (Pro-Tex® outer layer, Spectra® lining.)
  • Carbon fiber knuckle guard
  • Flexible finger guards
  • Velcro snugger for better dexterity
  • Fabrics are stretchable to reduce hand fatigue

Item# FX-54MB
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FX-95MB- Our best selling extrication glove

The Warrior

FireCraft FX-95 Warrior FireCraft FX-95MB WarriorFireCraft FX-95MB Warrior Glove

                                            A5 ANSI [back of hand]


  • A highly dexterous, long wearing glove
  • Synthetic leather palm with wear patches
  • Flexible finger guards on the back
  • Comfortable, rugged knuckle guard
  • Elastic snugger provides enhanced dexterity

Item# FX-95MB
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FX-75MB- This glove is 100% FLAME RESISTANT

The Sentry

 FireCraft FX-75MB Sentry Glove FireCraft FX-75MB Sentry Glove
FireCraft FX-75MB Sentry GloveFireCraft FX-75MB Sentry Glove



  • Flame resistant, this glove protects against heat & punctures
  • Back Outer Shell: blend of Kevlar and  aramid fibers
  • Palm Outer Shell: Keprotec® from Schoeller
    • originally developed for astronaut clothing.
    • resists water, oil and dirt; easy to clean
    • extremely rub and tear resistant.
  • Base layer: Kevlar fabric
  • Lining: The Spectra® fabric from Honeywell (developed for ballistic armor)

Item# FX-75MB
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Our 2 NON-WATERPROOF Extrication Gloves

FX-66 Spider Extrication Work Glove

Cut-level A5 ANSI. The result is a snug fit with incredible grip!

  • Snug fit = better dexterity and grip
  • Super easy on/off, wet / dry
  • Non-slip Spider grip
  • Suitable for medium cut hazards such as: metal fabrication, HVAC and
    extrication work
  • Cut resistance performance level A5 ANSI
  • Warranted free of defective materials and workmanship for the useful life of the glove
  • Size availability: XXS through 3XL

Item# FX-66
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FireCraft FX-66  FireCraft FX-66FireCraft FX-66

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FX-25 Snug-Fit Extrication Glove

A close-fitting extrication glove for exceptional protection, comfort and dexterity at a Budget-Conscious Price!

  • Featuring the best elements of the top-selIing work gloves plus improved sizing for a superior design
  • Hi-Vis Spandex Fabric on back
  • Vibration Pads on palm
  • Rubber Knuckle Protector
  • Synthetic leather with silicone dots – palm
  • Spectra® Cut Resistance Fabric – palm liner
  • Velcro closure strap and Debris Cuff
  • Snug fitting for better dexterity
  • Size availability: XXS through 3XL

Item# FX-25
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WORK GLOVES- Tough Comfortable Gloves that Work

FX-15 Perfect Work Glove

Introducing the Perfect Work Glove! A tough, comfortable glove for non-hazardous, non-fire conditions

Think of what is commonly called a “driver’s glove”. Now, picture a glove made with premium grain cow leather, tanned to remain soft yet durable. Close-fitting by design, this unlined glove is just about as comfortable a glove as you can find. We use Kevlar® thread, the same thread we use in our firefighter gloves – these gloves will last.

Wear them around the station for rolling hose or just sweeping the floor. We use them for driving, using tools, moving equipment, trimming hedges, gifts and fund raisers. You won’t want to take them off!

We have sizes from XXS through 3XL – we can fit you, and at a very comfortable price.

  • Use for clean-up, station work, or any activity where dexterity, comfort and protection are important
  • The fit is snug and very comfortable
  • Available in eight sizes for a proper fit
  • Made of supple, durable premium cow grain leather
  • Dries quickly and remains soft
  • Very high level of dexterity for all your work
  • Size availability: XXS through 3XL

Item# FX-15
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FX-33 Work Glove Plus

  • An alternative training glove when an NFPA compliant glove is not required
  • Made of durable yet soft top grain cowhide
  • Comfortable FR Lining
  • Elastic snugger for better fit
  • Perfect for station work and clean-up
  • Size availability: XXS through 3XL

Item# FX-33
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