Be Prepared, It Could Save a Life!

FireCraft trACer

Because it makes the difference in a life or death circumstance and it only takes a few seconds. Use the FireCraft® trACer® non-contact AC voltage detector easily and from a safe distance to determine if a downed power line is charged or if a circuit in a structure is live..

FireCraft trACer

**Temporarily Unavailable**

Detects AC voltage at a safe distance. Pinpoints direction of downed power lines. Comes with carrying case, instruction manual, 9 Volt battery and quick-reference card. Made in the USA.

  • Detects Power in Unused Outlets
  • Fits in Pocket for Hands-Free Use
  • Audio and Visual Signals
  • Reduced “excess chatter” or “false positive readings”
  • Advancements with engineering and programming

Item# trACer-3
MSRP $230.00

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