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Welcome to FireCraft® Safety Products

FireCraft® has been a trusted brand name since 1975 and continues to improve the safety of firefighters by providing superior hand protection.

FireCraft’s exclusive milestones include being the FIRST to:

  • provide an internal moisture barrier in a fire glove
  • provide custom-sized gloves at no extra cost
  • offer certified NFPA compliant moisture barriers in extrication gloves
  • provide all-fabric NFPA compliant structural fire gloves
  • receive a Patent on all-fabric NFPA compliant gloves [U.S. Patent No. 11748956]
  • provide all-fabric fire gloves with aluminized protection
  • provide a Slimline width option on all structural gloves
  • offer 36 size availability in structural fire gloves

Email us to arrange for a complimentary wear-test of any of our glove offerings at or call us at 1-800-369-1800.

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The capability of FireCraft® to bring innovative fire gloves to market for the fire industry has long been the passion of its principal, Tom Lochner. In the mid-1970’s Tom developed, along with W. L. Gore, the first structural fire glove using insert technology, under the brand name FireCraft. Today, that same brand name is available in multiple fire glove styles using the latest in technology.