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FireCraft has introduced a line of outdoor gloves under the brand name of “Quack Attack®”. Please visit our website,

You know about the quality of our NFPA compliant fire gloves. We use the same moisture barrier and attachment methods in our Quack Attack® gloves. 

Our Quack Attack® gloves are different from all other outdoor, waterproof gloves. They are guaranteed to be waterproof, warm and have incredible dexterity.  In fact, we offer the same lifetime guarantee against liner inversion and leakage as we have on all FireCraft gloves.

FireCraft® Safety Products is a master distributor providing fire safety products to dealers throughout the world.

We are located in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

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The capability of FireCraft® to bring innovative gloves to market for the fire industry has long been the passion of its principal, Tom Lochner. In the mid-1970’s Tom developed, along with W. L. Gore, the first structural fire glove using insert technology, under the brand name FireCraft. Today, that same brand name is available in multiple glove styles using the latest in technology.

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