Scott 3D Combat Challenge!

Team FireCraft

The Scott 3D Combat Challenge was born out of the need to keep first repoonders healthy, encouraging a lifelong commitment to physical fitness, health and wellness throughout the fire/rescue industry – all in support of public safety.

Ladies’s 2024 Firecraft Team

Congratulations to the FireCraft-sponsored Lexington Fire Department Ladies who won the FDIC 2024 Ladies Team Challenge.

Women’s Firecraft Team

Team FireCraft Ladies Irena & Brie competing and leading in the tandem event 2019.

Men’s Firecraft Team

Men’s Team FireCraft 2018

Women’s FireCraft Team

Women’s Team FireCraft 2018

Congratulations Men’s Team FireCraft 2018 National Champions

Team FireCraft National Champions! They selected FireCraft fire gloves. Why? Dexterity, durability and comfort. We are honored to provide these true winners with FireCraft fire gloves.

Men’s 2018 National Championship Team