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Fire Hoods

FireCraft firefighting hoods conform to the NFPA Hood standard for ventilation control and fire protection. All hoods are available in 3 styles: standard, long, and flared long. Custom colors and embroidery are available.

Standard Fire Hood

Standard Bib and Notched Shoulders

Hood Comparison Chart

Long Fire Hood

Long Bib Notched Shoulders

Fire Hoods Brochure

Flared Long Fire Hood (FL)

Coverage Across Back and Over Shoulders

Flared Long Hood Brochure

Nomex Fire Hood

  • FR Hood
  • Heavyweight material for added thermal protection
  • Favorable in cooler climates
  • Fabric designed to wick moisture away from neck

Available in the following lengths:
Standard (PAC 1A) Item #Hd-Nmx100
Long (PAC II) Item #Hd-Nmx100-L
Flared Long (PAC F20) Item #Hd-Nmx100-FL
3-Ply Instructor (PAC II-3PLY) Item #Hd-Nmx100-Instr-L
Strategic Vent Zone (PAC II-SVZ) Item #Hd-Nmx100-SVZ

Item #Hd-Nmx100 $
Item #Hd-Nmx100-L
Item #Hd-Nmx100-FL
Item #Hd-Nmx100-Instr-L
Item #Hd-Nmx100-SVZ

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