Clip On, portable, personal single gas monitor. Detects Hazardous Levels Of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Oxygen or Hydrogen Cyanide The SENSIT® P100 hand-held detector has high and low alarm levels through audio, visual and vibratory warnings. TWA and STEL alarms are also included, as well as alarm-event data logging. Durable rubber-coated housing withstands incredible abuse and is nearly waterproof.

  • Easy to use- one button operation
  • Operates years before service is required
  • Serviceable sensors
  • Easy calibration
  • Manufactured and serviced in Indiana
  • Limited 2 or 4 year warranty (including sensors)

912-00000-03 (2 Year)
912-00000-04 (4 Year)
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Whether you need a confined space monitor or an instrument to quickly find the source of combustible gas leaks, Sensit has the right product for you.


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