SENSIT® GOLD G3 makes gas detection faster and more accurate than ever. Designed for worker productivity, the SENSIT® GOLD G3 features improved durability, sensor and pump performance monitoring and unmatched data logging and mapping capabilities.
SENSIT® GOLD G3 is ideal for locating above and below-ground gas leaks, confined space monitoring, pipeline purging, leak surveys, and other applications.

SENSIT® GOLD G3 multi-gas detector can be configured with up to 5 sensors for combustible and toxic gases and oxygen.

945-00000-1111 ( LEL,CO,O2,H2S)
945-00000-1234 (LEL,CO,O2,H2S,HCN)

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Whether you need a confined space monitor or an instrument to quickly find the source of combustible gas leaks, Sensit has the right product for you.


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