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Warning Lights

Our warning lights have limitless applications, are dependable, easily deployable and come in a variety of styles.

Flare Alert Warning Lights

Economical and environmentally friendly, FlareAlert LED lights are perfect for use by law enforcement, fire departments, military and for recreational use!

Baton Lights

Flare Alert Baton Warning Lights

Our LED 2-in-1 Traffic Baton is a highly visible traffic safety light for getting the attention of pedestrians or drivers. It functions as either a baton, a flashlight, or both simultaneously.

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Flare Alert Baton Warning Lights

41 Series Baton Lights
These red LED warning light batons come in either 9" or 12" with a range of functions, features and a separate chrome plated steel stand.

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FlareAlert™ Beacons

Flare Alert Beacon Warning Lights

FlareAlert™ Beacons
FlareAlert™ Beacons provide brightly lit, highly visible LED light in red or yellow with a magnetic base that can stick to your vehicle. Additional options include a metal cone adapter and a weighted base for high-wind situations.

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FlareAlert™ Storage Bags

Flare Alert Storage Bags for Warning Lights

Storage Cases and LZ Kits
Small or large storage bags and kits help keep your safety lights, cones, weights, stands and batteries all in one place for convenience and ease of transport.

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